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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Component Priority
#5 fluency description extension new dennisr enhancement AsapRealizer minor
#31 FaceEngine should not be dependent on FaceAnimationUI new dennisr defect AsapRealizer minor
#39 Handle javac.source and in the creation of the eclipse project new enhancement build system minor
#43 AnimationEngine that does not make use of physicalsimulation new enhancement AsapRealizer minor
#60 fix freeze target new defect build system minor
#61 Physical Humanoid COM/COMDiff/COMOffset/COMOffsetDif debug visualization new enhancement HmiEnvironment minor
#80 Distribute forearm rotation along wrist and elbow. new enhancement AsapRealizer minor
#101 Design for hasValidTiming for MotorControlProgram new defect AsapRealizer minor
#143 Get rid of 'ensureDecodeProgress' in OpenBMLParser new enhancement AsapRealizer minor
#158 Fix circular test dependency AsapMaryTTSBinding->AsapSpeechEngine, AsapSpeechEngine (integration tests with MaryTTS)->AsapMaryTTSBinding new enhancement AsapRealizer minor
#170 Fix javadoc errors in HmiCore new defect HmiCore minor
#171 Fix javadoc errors in HmiEnvironment new defect HmiEnvironment minor
#172 Fix javadoc errors in Asap new defect AsapRealizer minor
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