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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Component
#1 Documentation for building custom engines new enhancement major documentation
#3 auto BMLTInfo.init() new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#5 fluency description extension new dennisr enhancement minor AsapRealizer
#10 Document RealizerPort new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#11 TTS user documentation new enhancement major documentation
#12 Document asset creation new enhancement major documentation
#16 Setup automatic builds to report error back by email new enhancement major Continuous Integration
#21 Memory leak new welberge defect major AsapRealizer
#28 VJointUtils.setHAnimPose does not work correctly if root is also rotated new zwiers defect major HmiCore
#29 Fix "Could not load definitions from resource" warning new defect trivial build system
#30 Change default documentation target to doxygen new enhancement major build system
#31 FaceEngine should not be dependent on FaceAnimationUI new dennisr defect minor AsapRealizer
#36 More elegant solution for "applyCurrentOnVNext" in AnimationPlayer new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#37 MURML implementation new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#39 Handle javac.source and in the creation of the eclipse project new enhancement minor build system
#41 Get rid of Powermock warnings about logback in console new defect trivial AsapRealizer
#43 AnimationEngine that does not make use of physicalsimulation new enhancement minor AsapRealizer
#44 Incremental TTS new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#53 Generalize ogrecharacter to other characters (e.g. Vince) new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#54 temporomandibular does not reset to 0 at end of animation new defect major AsapRealizer
#56 Provide a nicer procanimation example new defect major demos
#59 Provide a more flexible way to hook up new navigators, disable navigation and set camera position in HmiRenderEnvironment new enhancement major HmiEnvironment
#60 fix freeze target new defect minor build system
#61 Physical Humanoid COM/COMDiff/COMOffset/COMOffsetDif debug visualization new enhancement minor HmiEnvironment
#63 Provide a good keyframe-based posture change example. new enhancement major demos
#65 Clean up interface for PipeLoader new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#69 Efficient way to programmatically construct and reuse BML blocks new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#70 Per behavior prediction feedback after scheduling new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#73 Ability for 'glancing gaze' using the full body new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#76 Fix PhEditor new defect major demos
#78 Make daily builds publish test reports new enhancement major Continuous Integration
#79 Implemement gazeShift new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#80 Distribute forearm rotation along wrist and elbow. new enhancement minor AsapRealizer
#82 Build target for java project generation new enhancement major build system
#83 Build target for Python project generation new enhancement major build system
#84 Build target for C++ project generation new enhancement major build system
#90 Design/implement interruption of postureShift (and shifts in general) new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#91 Block end feedback has status DONE instead of INTERRUPTED, when interrupted with an interrupt behavior new defect major AsapRealizer
#94 No down arrow in scrollbar in MURMLAnimationDemo new defect trivial demos
#100 Strokeduration of static PalmOrientation should be 0 new defect major AsapRealizer
#101 Design for hasValidTiming for MotorControlProgram new defect minor AsapRealizer
#103 Somehow document available handshapes, locations etc for MURML new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#109 Ipaaca + windows documentation new enhancement major documentation
#110 Parallel scheduling new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#111 Inhibition rather than interruption new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#116 merge stuff from Wei new enhancement major HmiCore
#118 Duplicate stop feedback new defect major AsapRealizer
#120 Write documentation on debugging AsapRealizer new enhancement major documentation
#123 predictionfeedback without time information for invalid behaviors new defect major AsapRealizer
#125 Pointing enhancements new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#126 Document BMLABMLBehaviorAttributesBuilder with some examples new enhancement major documentation
#128 Documentation/implementation discrepancy HEAD vs NECK new defect major AsapRealizer
#129 pvc works with intensity parameter instead of (BML 1.0) amount parameter on faceFacs. new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#132 Gaze requires influence attribute new defect major AsapRealizer
#133 the wait behavior should use duration instead of max-wait new defect major AsapRealizer
#135 Update MaryTTSGeneratorDemo new defect major AsapRealizer
#139 InputBuffer should automatically add categories when a listener that is interested in them is registered in Java new enhancement major Ipaaca
#143 Get rid of 'ensureDecodeProgress' in OpenBMLParser new enhancement minor AsapRealizer
#144 Add BMLBlock INTERRUPTING state new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#145 Autogeneration of Eclipse launchConfigs for demos/test cases new enhancement major build system
#146 Vince implementation new enhancement major demos
#147 Problems with syncs in incrementaltts new defect major AsapRealizer
#148 Document+add an example for the live mocap new enhancement major documentation
#150 Make test in HmiCore/HmiMaryTTS work with only jars new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#152 Check use of name attribute in bmlt:facekeyframe new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#153 Document "how to use AsapRealizer for corpus reproduction" new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#155 MURML-Description write functionality for <symmetrical> new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#156 VOR-RestGaze unit new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#158 Fix circular test dependency AsapMaryTTSBinding->AsapSpeechEngine, AsapSpeechEngine (integration tests with MaryTTS)->AsapMaryTTSBinding new enhancement minor AsapRealizer
#160 hold for gestures new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#161 Position based mocap playback new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#163 Try Autodesk characters with Collada and the HmiRenderEnvironment new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#168 Physical balancing broken new defect major AsapRealizer
#169 Fix/explain AsapRealizerDemoIssSpeechAnticipator new defect major AsapRealizer
#170 Fix javadoc errors in HmiCore new defect minor HmiCore
#171 Fix javadoc errors in HmiEnvironment new defect minor HmiEnvironment
#172 Fix javadoc errors in Asap new defect minor AsapRealizer
#173 Configurable waist/shoulder <gaze> new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#174 SkeletonPoseRestPose does not set root translation in play new defect major AsapRealizer
#175 Make mocap with preparation/retraction phase available through BML new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#176 procanimationgesture timing new defect major AsapRealizer
#177 bmlt:procanimationgesture from file instead of intern new enhancement major AsapRealizer
#38 LoadObject does not provide a VJoint that can be used for animation. assigned reidsma defect major HmiEnvironment
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