20:39 Ticket #97 (Document how to exactly insert new MURML handshapes) closed by welberge
17:49 Ticket #98 (Do handshapes need to be listed in the hns?) created by welberge
Configuration would be easier if it suffices to add them to the handshape …
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16:34 Ticket #97 (Document how to exactly insert new MURML handshapes) created by welberge
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13:07 Ticket #96 (Fix MURML examples) created by welberge
Make sure they actually work with the current version of Billie.
13:01 Ticket #95 (Error reporting on missing handshape in MURML description) created by welberge
Throw appropiate exception on missing HandShape?.
12:59 Ticket #94 (No down arrow in scrollbar in MURMLAnimationDemo) created by welberge


14:57 Ticket #93 (murmlgesture interruption) created by welberge
It seems to work for keyframe-only murmlgestures at least. […]
14:55 Ticket #92 (implement murmlface interruption) created by welberge
Example: […]
12:08 Ticket #91 (Block end feedback has status DONE instead of INTERRUPTED, when ...) created by welberge
Example for reproduction: […]
11:41 Ticket #90 (Design/implement interruption of postureShift (and shifts in general)) created by welberge
11:40 Ticket #89 (Implement interruption in faceFacs) created by welberge
Example: […]
11:35 Ticket #14 (BMLT BMLB => BMLa) closed by welberge
11:33 Ticket #88 (Implement fluent faceLexeme interrupt) created by welberge
Example: […]


16:55 Ticket #87 (pointing interruption not implemented) created by welberge
reproduce with: […]
15:54 Ticket #86 (interrupt does not work on gaze) created by welberge
BML to reproduce […]


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