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AsapRealizer - A BML Realizer for incremental, fluent, multimodal interaction with a virtual human or robot

AsapRealizer is a novel realizer, developed as a jointly by the  Sociable Agents group in Bielefeld and the  Human Media Interaction group in Twente. It is a fusion of our state of the art behavior realizers ACE and Elckerlyc.

AsapRealizer is a  BML 1.0 compliant behavior realizer for generating multimodal verbal and nonverbal behavior for virtual humans and robots. It is designed specifically to allow very fluent interaction between the virtual human and its human interaction partner. To this end, AsapRealizer provides behavior generation elements that support incremental behavior construction (including emergent gesture co-articulation) and interactional coordination (e.g. behavior synchrony, fluent turn taking, active listening, attentive speaking). Animation in AsapRealizer is generated using a mix between the precise temporal and spatial control offered by procedural motion and the naturalness of physical simulation.

  1. van Welbergen, D. Reidsma and S. Kopp. An Incremental Multimodal Realizer for Behavior Co-Articulation and Coordination in: Intelligent Virtual Agents, 12th International Conference, LNCS, volume 7502, Springer, pp 175--188, 2012 download paper

Getting Started

  • Licenses -- Explanation of the GPL3 license used for AsapRealizer, and the plans to move to more flexible licenses

Behavior Modalities

Environments and Embodiments

Configuration of AsapRealizer's default Engines

Behavior Markup Language

  • BML -- Information about the BML standard in AsapRealizer
  • BMLA -- Documentation on AsapRealizer's BML extensions that provide top-down plan adaptability and incrementality
  • BMLT -- Documentation for the custom behavior types defined in BML-Twente
  • MURML -- AsapRealizer's MURML BML extension
  • BMLP -- Documentation for the custom behavior types of the PictureEngine
  • BMLIS? -- Coming soon



  • VirtualHumanLoader -- Specifying, configuring, and loading a Virtual Human and its behavior repertoire
  • RealizerPort -- Connecting AsapRealizer to your application: sending BML to the Virtual Human and receiving feedback about its performance
  •   Javadoc for AsapRealizer
  • UsingResources -- How to refer resources such as avatars and gesture repertoires on the classpath and in your code
  • AssetCreation -- Add new gesture repertoire, new avatar bodies and faces, etc.

Extend AsapRealizer


  • FAQ/Troubleshooting -- Frequently Asked Questions and Frequently Occuring Problems
  • Forum -- Ask questions and help each other in the forums
  • ImproveDocumentation -- Your support in improving the documentation is highly appreciated
  • ReportBugs -- report bugs and request features using tickets
  • Contact -- Contact the main developers