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Where to find files

Facial expressions and face binding: HmiResource/HmiHumanoidFaceControl
Gestures, postures, gesture binding: HmiResource/HmiHumanoidBodyControl
Various example configurations for virtual humans: HmiResource/HmiHumanoidLoaderDefaults
Example BML scripts: HmiResource/BMLScripts


In order to integrate speech/prosody features into a BML script, use MaryXML: start Maryserver c:\hmisvn\MaryTTS\bin\maryserver.bat start MaryEditor? in browser window: Select the proper voice First window: change type to text and insert the text you want to change Second window: change type to marywords Change first window type to marywords and copy-paste content of second window to first Second window: change type to audio Copy paste everything in between <bml><speech><text></text> <description priority=”1” type=”marywords”>

</description> </speech></bml>

  • delete: <?xml … utf-8>, <voice=> and </voice>

For short breaks use <boundary breakindex=”1-6”/> For changing wordlength use <prosody rate=”%”></prosody>

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