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Behavior Specification

Elckerlyc uses the Behavior Markup Language (BML) for the specification and synchronization of multi-modal behavior. We widened the interpretation of BML's synchronization mechanism to allow the specification of synchronization to time predictions by an 'anticipator' and add the specification of physical controllers, procedural animation, transition animations as BML behaviors. These extensions are documented in our BML Twente specification.

Core BML support

Currently no BML Realizer, including Elckerlyc fully supports the core (=minimal) BML specification. We are working towards supporting the  draft 1.0 standard. Here we list our progress.

BML BehaviorSupportImplementation
<locomotion> Not supported -
<posture> stance="standing", part="lower", other poses can be added through the gesture binding. Typically implemented using physical controllers, e.g. a physical balance controller on the lower body.