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     10  abstract = {Elckerlyc is a BML Realizer for generating multimodal verbal and nonverbal behavior for Virtual Humans (VHs). The main characteristics of Elckerlyc are that (1) it is designed specifically for continuous interaction with tight temporal coordination between the behavior of a VH and its interaction partner; (2) it provides a mix between the precise temporal and spatial control offered by procedural animation and the physical realism of physical simulation; and (3) it is designed to be highly modular and extensible, implementing the architecture proposed in SAIBA.} 
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     22  abstract = {This paper presents our progress in developing a Virtual Human capable of being an attentive speaker. Such a Virtual Human should be able to attend to its interaction partner while it is speaking -- and modify its communicative behavior on-the-fly based on what it observes in the behavior of its partner. We report new developments concerning a number of aspects, such as scheduling and interrupting multimodal behavior, automatic classification of listener responses, generation of response eliciting behavior, and strategies for generating appropriate reactions to listener responses. On the basis of this progress, a task-based setup for a responsive Virtual Human was implemented to carry out two user studies, the results of which are presented and discussed in this paper.} 
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     29  abstract = {In this paper we show how behavior scheduling for Virtual Humans can be viewed as a constraint optimization problem, and how Elckerlyc uses this view to maintain a extensible behavior plan representation that allows one to make micro-adjustments to behaviors while keeping constraints between them intact. These capabilities make it possible to implement tight mutual behavior coordination between a Virtual Human and a user, without requiring to re-schedule every time an adjustment needs to be made.} 
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     36  abstract = {Building a complete virtual human application from scratch is a daunting task, and it makes sense to rely on existing platforms for behavior generation. When building such an interactive application, one needs to be able to adapt and extend the capabilities of the virtual human offered by the platform, without having to make invasive modifications to the platform itself. This paper describes how Elckerlyc, a novel platform for controlling a virtual human, offers these possibilities. } 
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