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    1717* We do not assume that everyone will be using the same development toolkit or any toolkit at all. But we do require that a project created and developed, say, by means of Netbeans or Eclipse, can be (re)build without any of these tools available. 
    19 * Since we have to use some common build tool, we have agreed to use ant as that “common” minimal platform. 
     19* Since we have to use some common build tool, we have agreed to use [[|ant]] as that “common” minimal platform. 
    2121* In principle every project lives in its own directory, containing all relevant source code, test code, project specific data, library files needed by that project, project documentation, etcetera. We have a preferred standard layout for the directory structure inside a project. A project also contains an ant buildfile (build.xml) and usually also a file. We require that we can (re)build and run a project using ant, without any reliance on development tools that might have been used to develop the project. To be clear: we don’t want to install JBuilder or Netbeans or Eclipse or whatever just to build and run your project. The ant file can be either a simple “standalone” build file, but the preferred way is to use a very small build file that just links to our shared build file. (See below)