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EmitterEngines continuously 'emit' BML blocks to the realizer. The blinkingemitter emits a bml block containing a faceLexeme behavior with lexeme BLINK (and assumes that such a face behavior is bound in the facebinding). The breathingemitter emits a bml block containing a gesture with lexeme breathe (and assumes that such a gesture is bound in the gesturebinding).


Setup in VirtualHumanLoader:

  <!-- Breathingemitter that sens small breathing animations every now and then -->
  <Loader id="breathingengine" 
    <EmitterInfo class="asap.breathingemitter.BreathingEmitterInfo"/>

  <!-- Blinkemitter that sens small blink animations every now and then -->
  <Loader id="blinkengine" 
    <EmitterInfo class="asap.blinkemitter.BlinkEmitterInfo"/>

Enabling blinking

<bml xmlns=""  id="bml1" xmlns:bmlt="" xmlns:bmla="">
  <bmlt:blinkemitter id="blinkemitter1" start="0" range="0.5" avgwaitingtime="2"/>  

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