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AsapRealizer makes use of the following git and svn repositories:

  • Asap: git repository for the Asap sources
  • AsapDemo: git repository for demonstration programs for the AsapRealizer or other parts of Asap
  • asapresource: git repository for asap specific data
  • !asapshared: git repository on which asap binaries (e.g. jar files) are released
  • Hmi: git repository of the Hmi source (used by Elckerlyc and Asap)
  • HmiDemo: git repository for demonstration programs for the Elckerlyc or other parts of Hmi
  • HmiResource: git repository for hmi specific data
  • HmiShared: git repository for 1) the ant build system setup, 2) binary (jar) releases of Hmi, 3) external jar libraries used within Hmi and Asap
  • (optional) realizertester: svn repository for our generic testing framework for realizers