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Obtaining MotionBuilder

MotionBuilder and other autodesk software is now available for free for academic purposes at:

Armandia to MotionBuilder character name mapping

Hips: HumanoidRoot
Spine: vt10
Head: skullbase

Importing existing (mocap) animation onto our avatars

The CMU Motion Capture Database, and many other places offer free animations. The data at the CMU Motion Capture Database is processed up to the actor fitting stage. To make it steer one of our animations, the following steps have to be taken:

  1. Import the animation
  2. Merge the model you want to animate
  3. Make sure they both face in the direction of the positive Z-axis and are in the T-Pose
  4. Create 2 characters
  5. Map your model's joints to the Motionbuilder joints (character->character definition), selecting joints from the model.
  6. Do the same for the animated model onto the 2nd character
  7. 'Lock' both characters
  8. On the model character: set its source to the the animated character
  9. The model should now move with the animation
  10. Press Animation->'plot selected', check plot on frames, de-select smartplot, select 'none' for rotation filter, de-select constant key reducer
  11. Save

Export to SkeletonInterpolator xml using the fbx SkeletonInterpolator exporter: In a console type:

SkeletonInterpolator mocapfile.fbx > skeletoninterpolatorfile.xml