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Interpreting Feedback

AsapRealizer uses   BML 1.0 feedback to indicate progress on the behavior it is executing and predictions on the timing of to be executed behavior. Special attributes are introduced in BMLA to specify (predicted) POSIX timestamps of behavior (=number of seconds that have elapsed since 00:00:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), Thursday, 1 January 1970).

Parsing feedback


TODO: posixtime parsing

Interpreting timestamps, POSIX time, local time and global time

Timestamps for feedback messages are given in local time (since the start of the BML block), global time (seconds since the start of AsapRealizer), and POSIX time. The timestamps in local and global time are more precise (obtained with System.nanoTime()), but are not not related to any other notion of system or wall-clock time. Timestamps in POSIX-time are less precise (obtained with System.currentTimeMillis()).

Feedback obtained from a single BML block