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    44 * IpaacaComponentInterfaces: List of currently provided Ipaaca component interfaces 
    7 == List of currently provided Ipaaca component interfaces == 
    8 ||=interface=||=send categories=||=recv categories=||=implementations=|| 
    9 ||Animatable||jointDataConfigRequest||jointDataConfigReply,jointData||billie ogre environment, hmi.ipaacarenderenvironment|| 
    10 ||Animation Provider||jointDataConfigReply, jointData||jointDataConfigRequest||Ace, AsapRealizer (through an asap.ipaacaembodiments.!IpaacaEmbodiment, setup with !IpaacaEmbodimentLoader)|| 
    11 ||BML Realizer||bmlfeedback||bml||AsapRealizer (with IpaacaToBMLRealizerAdapterLoader)|| 
    12 ||BML Provider (the part of the behavior planner that communicates with a realizer)||bml||bmlfeedback||BMLRealizerToIpaacaAdapter (used in e.g. asap.realizerdemo.!AsapRealizerPortToIpaacaDemo)|| 
    13 ||TTS Provider||maryttsreply||maryttsrequest||ceretts, marytts|| 
    14 ||TTS User||maryttsrequest||maryttsreply||ACE, !AsapSpeechEngine using asap.tts.ipaaca.IpaacaTTSGenerator|| 
    15 ||Scene||sceneinfo||-||billie ogre environment|| 
    16 ||!WorldObjectManager||-||sceneinfo||TODO|| 
    17 == List of currently provided categories and payloads == 
    19 === jointDataConfigRequest === 
    20 A jointDataConfigRequests provides an Animation Provider information about the animation properties of an Animatable. 
    21 ||=payload=||=payload format=|| 
    22 ||morphs||list of available morph targets, separated by comma|| 
    23 ||joints||list of joint names, separated by comma|| 
    24 ||joint_parents||list of parent names for each joint, separated by comma, no parent is annotated as "-"|| 
    25 ||joint_translations||comma separated list of joint translations, local to their parent, each translation contains 3 floats separated by space|| 
    26 ||joint_rotations||comma separated list of joint rotations, local to their parent, each rotation contains 4 floats separated by space. The 4 floats represent the rotation quaternion in w x y z order|| 
    28 === jointDataConfigReply === 
    29 Provides an Animatable with information about the joints and morphs that are to be animated. 
    30 ||=payload=||=payload format=|| 
    31 ||joints_provided||comma separated list of provided joints|| 
    32 ||joints_not_provided||comma separated list of not provided joints|| 
    33 ||morphs_provided||comma separated list of provided morph targets|| 
    34 ||morphs_not_provided||comma separated list of not provided morph targets|| 
    36 === jointData === 
    37 ||=payload=||=payload format=|| 
    38 ||joint_data||Comma separated list of joint transformations. Each joint transformation provide 2 4x4 matrices, first a 4x4 matrix specifying the local transformation, then one specifying the global transformation. Each transformation consists of 16 floats, separated by spaces, indicating the transformation matrix in column-order (that is, the first 4 floats form the top column etc.). 
    39 ||morph_data||comma separated list of integers indicating morph value in %. These morph values are for the morphs_provided in jointDataConfigReply.|| 
    41 === bml === 
    42 ||=payload=||=payload format=|| 
    43 ||bml||[[|BML 1.0]] XML string|| 
    45 === bmlfeedback === 
    46 ||=payload=||=payload format=|| 
    47 ||bmlfeedback||[[|BML 1.0 feedback]] string, one of predictionFeedback, blockProgress, syncPointProgress or warningFeedback|| 
    50 === maryttsrequest === 
    51 ||=payload=||=payload format=|| 
    52 ||name||name of the speaking character|| 
    53 ||voice||name of the voice that is to be used (only valid with tts.plan and tts.justSpeak)|| 
    54 ||type||one of: tts.plan (generate wav file and provide timing), tts.execute (execute previously planned text provide maryttsreply with status updates), tts.justSpeak (execute, no maryttsreply), tts.cancel (stop speaking)|| 
    55 ||file||absolute filename for the wav file that is planned, if file starts with /. Otherwise the full filename for the generated wav file is /tmp/<name>_<file>)|| 
    56 ||text||text to be spoken (only valid with tts.plan and tts.justSpeak)|| 
    57 ||ignore_xml||remove all xml tags from text before speaking (default is true)|| 
    59 In a typical usage scenario, tts is planned with tts.plan and then executed with tts.execute (using the same filename). 
    60 Message-type IUs are sent. 
    62 === maryttsreply === 
    63 ||=payload=||=payload format=|| 
    64 ||phonems||{{{[(0)(0)(0)]#[(<phoneme id>(<start time in seconds>)(<end time in seconds>)]..[(<phoneme id>(<start time in seconds>)(<end time in seconds>)];[(<phoneme id>(<start time in seconds>)(<end time in seconds>)]}}}, where ; indicates word boundaries|| 
    65 ||marks||list of spoken words and the bookmark (i.e. SSML marks) between them. For example: {{{<word>[(bookmark id)(bookmark time in seconds)][(bookmark id)(bookmark time in seconds)]<word><word>}}} 
    66 ||file||file name (same as file in the corresponding request)|| 
    67 ||name||name, (same as file in the corresponding request)|| 
    68 ||state||{{{execution}}} or {{{done}}}|| 
    69 ||type||type (same as type in the corresponding request)|| 
    71 Message-type IUs are sent. 
    73 === maryttsinfo === 
    74 ||=payload=||=payload format=|| 
    75 ||speaking||{{{1}}} if the playback thread is currently playing audio data, {{{0}}} if not|| 
    76 ||end_time||estimated timestamp for the end of the current playback (system time, in float seconds since epoch)|| 
    78 This state information can be subscribed to by any component that needs playback / timing information from TTS. 
    79 Message-type IUs are sent. 
    81 === sceneinfo === 
    82 ||cmd||report=>request sceneinfo, or reporting=>provide scene info|| 
    83 ||data||e.g. (camera 0.12 0.12 0)(ent1 0 0 2), only if cmd is reporting|| 
    85 Object positions are of the form  
    86 {{{ 
    87 (object xpos ypos zpos) 
    88 }}} 
    89 where xpos ypos zpos is the position of the center of the object in world coordinates.