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Ipaaca Quickstart =


Spread: (, already installed on netboot machines.


Ipaaca requires that spread is running:

spread -n localhost &

In the simplest (but often used) usecase, Ipaaca is used to submit some payload containing one or more strings from an outputbuffer in one program to the inputbuffer of another program.

To do this on the sending side


  1. Create an outputbuffer (may be reused later on)

Sending the message:

  1. Create an messageiu
  2. Set the category of the message iu
  3. Set the payload of the message iu: this is a set of (key, item) pairs with key and item both strings
  4. Add the IU to the outputbuffer

To do this on the receiving side


  1. Create an inputbuffer that is registered for the ius your are sending
  2. Register an handler that is registered for the category your are sending and IUEventType MESSAGE

Receiving the message:

  1. The handler is called whenever a message iu from the sender arrives.