Changing the camera position

In your scene file (data/scenes):

        <node name="" id="349" isTarget="true">
            <scale x="1" y="1" z="1" />
            <position x="0.0" y="1.1" z="0.0" />
            <rotation qx="0" qy="0" qz="0" qw="1" />

        <node name="Camera_Node">
            <position x="0.0" y="1.15" z="1.2" />
            <rotation qw="1" qx="0" qy="0" qz="0" />
            <scale x="1" y="1" z="1" />
            <trackTarget nodeName="">
                <localDirection x="0" y="0" z="-1" />
            <camera name="OgreViewerCamera"  fov="0" projectionType="orthographic">
                <clipping near="0.05" far="2000" />

If a nodes tag is already there, merge than only the inner tags.

Billie model setup

The Billie model has several Nodes (for e.g. teeth, body, shirt, shoes) that each have their own world transform (position, scale, rotation(currently assumed identity)). Each node has a skeleton; all skeletons have the same joints. The root of each of these skeletons is positioned (current assumption: no scale or rotation here) differently; all other joints are aligned. The root of each the skeleton is a child of the Node it is connected to. On the Ipaaca sender side on has one root (joint HumanoidRoot), to position and rotate Billie. Moving HumanoidRoot automatically moves the skeletonroots of all Nodes of the model. The HumanoidRootJoint is positioned between the feet.