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Install Java

Elckerlyc requires Java 1.6 or greater.

Install Apache Ant

Later on in this document, you will find information on using the HMI modules in Eclipse. It is easier, though, to start testing the whole setup using the command prompt and Apache Ant.

  • Obtain the latest version of Apache Ant (version >= 1.8.2)
  • put the ant bin directory on your PATH
  • add the following line to the starter command in ant/bin: set ANT_OPTS=-Xmx256M -XX:MaxPermSize=256M

Directory structure

Make a top level project root; unzip the release files (see Download) into this directory. Typical directory setup:


If you have downloaded the source release, you will in addition have the following directories:


Quick start: try out first project

HmiDemo contains, among other things, an example projects for quick start of an Elckerlyc application. MyFirstProject shows how to set up an Elckerlyc project that uses the latests official binary releases of the core Hmi modules.

To try these out, do the following.

1) Duplicate the MyFirstProject demo project, put it somewhere below the <projectroot> directory.


2) Modify the contents of ivy.xml, build.xml, the MyFirstProject name, mentioned in those files, should be changed to the name of your new project (in this example: CopyOfMyFirstProject)

3) Modify build.xml to have the correct relative path to the HmiShared repository (see below for this example)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project name="CopyOfMyFirstProject"  default="run">
   <import file="../HmiShared/ant/build.xml" />    

4) in command prompt, in the directory <projectroot>/CopyOfMyFirstProject, do

  • "ant resolve" to collect all dependent external libraries and resources into <projectroot>/CopyOfMyFirstProject/lib
  • "ant compile" to compile this project
  • "ant run" to run demo class in this project

5) If all went well, you will see a window appear with an avatar. Use the dialog window to send some example BML to the avatar.

6) If not, see FAQ

First documentation pointers

When the first example project is working, you might start to read up on the setup and use of the build system, or how to use these projects in Eclipse, or try to build more complicated examples. First starting point for documentation is ElckerlycDocumentation?.

A note on resources-- If you want to play around with your own resources, changing some of the default settings and gesture repertoire of the avatar, read the documentation on UsingResources.

User Contributions



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