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what is a realizerport

See [1]

How to send BML to the agent

A good example of how to use AsapRealizer in an application, that is: load a virtual human, and send BML to it can be found in the demo AsapDemo/AsapRealizerDemo/src/asap/realizerdemo/

TODO: rewrite for AsapRealizer; this is now just an option in the XML, right? You can also start a TCPIP server for your virtual human. The Realizer will then listen on a certain port for messages containing BML, and will send the feedback back over another channel. The VirtualHumanSpec? documentation explains how to specify the server. The demo HmiDemo/EnvironmentDemos/src/hmi/examples/ shows one way to connect to the Elckerlyc Realizer via a TCPIP connection. This allows you to run the virtual human on a separate machine.


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  1. ^Reidsma, Dennis and Welbergen, Herwin van, Elckerlyc in practice on the integration of a BML Realizer in real applications, Proc. of Intetain 2011, 2011, inproceedings,

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