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Use cases

Running and compiling against released versions

  • ant resolve to collect all dependent released and external libraries in the lib directory
  • ant main to set the class that is to be run
  • ant run to compile and run the project

Selecting a main class without running ant main

ant run -Drun.main.class="package.MainClass"

Using runtime parameters

ant run -Drun.argline="runtimeparams"

with runtimeparams a space seperated list of runtime parameters that are to be passed to your Java program.


  • ant junit to compile and run the test cases
  • ant junitreport to compile and run the test cases and generate an html report in the test/report directory

Resolving dependencies

Dependencies are resolved from

  1. the local.lib directory of a project
  2. the local repository directory of a project (can be set up in its repository directory)
  3. the repositories in and

`ant resolve' and similar resolve commands empty the lib directory, so use local.lib to store local libraries instead. Local resources are, by convention, stored in a projects resource directory.

Advanced: new/alternative default repositories can be added in !hmibuild/ivy/ivysettings.xml