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Using AsapRealizer in an Eclipse project

STEP 1: Setting up project structure

First, you need to set up projects in Eclipse for the various modules that you want to compile. The process is slightly different when you work from the source git or when you work from the released binaries.

Variant A: Setting up project structure via git in Eclipse

If you use the source releases from AsapRealizer, you need to set up git in Eclipse, check out the modules from the repository, and make them into an Eclipse project.

  1. Install  Python and make sure the python binary is on your path
  2. (Optional, if you'd like to use git within eclipse) Get the git plugin from and install it
  3. Check out the source repository by hand (using commandline git SmartGit, TortoiseGit, or any tool of your choice). Typical directory setup when you have checked out the Git:

STEP 2: Set build paths to include dependent libraries

you need the right versions (for your machine and operating system) of all dependent libraries in the project classpath; AsapRealizer contains ant scripts to take care of this.

  1. First, collect right versions of libraries using our ant scripts
    1. command prompt in HmiDemo/MyFirstProject
    2. now use resolve the libraries for your project, using ant resolve, ant compile list, etc (see also
    3. Now, all required libraries, in the version for your OS and machine, are in HmiDemo/MyFirstProject/lib
  2. Second, create the eclipse project files, again using an ant script

Variant B.1 (Sane people)

Variant B.2 (Herwin)