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Using AsapRealizer with Ipaaca

AsapRealizer can be connected to Billie's rendering environment in Ogre through Ipaaca, can execute Ipaaca BML messages and can provide BML feedback using Ipaaca messages.

Connecting Ipaaca to the Ogre rendering environment

  1. Install AsapRealizer as described in the QuickStart
  2. Clone the soagents and billie from /homes/hvanwelbergen/git_pool:
    git clone /homes/hvanwelbergen/git_pool/soagents
    git clone /homes/hvanwelbergen/git_pool/billie
  3. Clone ipaaca, rsb and ace2 from /vol/www/techfak/ags/soa/git
    git clone /vol/www/techfak/ags/soa/git/ipaaca.git
    git clone /vol/www/techfak/ags/soa/git/rsb.git
    git clone /vol/www/techfak/ags/soa/git/ace2.git
  4. Build ace2, ipaaca, rsb

In their directories:

ant dist