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Using Elckerlyc in an Eclipse project

Setting up via SVN in Eclipse

If you use the source releases from Elckerlyc, you need to set up SVN in Eclipse.

  1. Get the svn plugin from and install it
  2. Check out the source repository by hand (using SmartSvn?, Tortoise, or any tool of your choice). Typical directory setup when you have checked out the SVN:
  3. Now you have to create separate Eclipse projects for a selection of the modules that are in SVN. Say, for example, that you want to make an Eclipse project of HmiDemo/MyFirstProject.
    1. In eclipse window->open perspective->other->SVN repository exploring
    2. SVN Repository tab, new repository location
    3. Checkout (again!)
    4. Select as new project configuration using the new project wizard
    5. Select create project from existing source and enter the directory
    6. Press next
    7. If desired, set the output folder to build/classes

include the right versions (for your machine and operating system) of all dependent libraries in the Eclipse classpath;

add the various resources to the classpath;

set a few virtual machine variables (lib path? memory stuff; ...

Setting up in Eclipse from the binary release

User contributions


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