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    3838text as <sync id="..."/>, and in the maryxml as <mark name="..."/> 
     40== Requirements to the MaryXML to prevent Mary from crashing == 
     41A few notes on things that are required to avoid Mary crashing :) 
     42 - leave out the initial <?XML ... ?> tag 
     43 - always insert a <phrase> element below every <s> element 
     44 - <s> elements are needed to make Mary produce a coherent intonation 
     45 - <mark name=, not <mark id=!!!!! this causes crashes if you do it wrong! 
     46 - sometimes, newlines and spaces around the maryxml, s, p, and phrase tags are mandatory. So if mary crashes on your BML and you don't know why, try adding spaces and newlines in the XML content 
     47 - <voice>: It is nicer to have Elckerlyc take care of voice selction, but you can still control it in Mary 
     48 - don't forget to check that you only use the parameters that are actually supported by the voice that Elckerlyc is using! 
    41 In order to integrate speech/prosody features into a BML script, use MaryXML: 
    42 start Maryserver  c:\hmisvn\MaryTTS\bin\maryserver.bat 
    43 start MaryEditor  in browser window: 
    44 Select the proper voice 
    45 First window: change type to text and insert the text you want to change 
    46 Second window: change type to marywords 
    47 Change first window type to marywords and copy-paste content of second window to first 
    48 Second window: change type to audio 
    49 Copy paste everything in between 
    50 <bml><speech><text></text> 
    51 <description priority=”1” type=”marywords”> 
    52         </description> 
    53         </speech></bml> 
    54 - delete: <?xml … utf-8>, <voice=> and </voice> 
     50== Obtaining and modifying MaryXML versions of speech == 
    56 For short breaks  use <boundary breakindex=”1-6”/> 
    57 For changing wordlength  use <prosody rate=”%”></prosody> 
     52Maybe you have a text, and you need the ALLOPHONES representation in order to modify it. 
     54Use web server interface for the desired voice (see Mary's own documentation); input the text, convert to the desired ALLOPHONES (or other) representation; 
     56Then take the result and put it within the <description> element in your BML (and specify the correct type for the description element, see above!) 
    5960== User contributions ==