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Specifying the configuration of your Virtual Human

Every application has different requirements for the Virtual Human. Gesture repertoire, body graphics, using speech engine or not using speech engine, which voice, etcetera. We have made an XML format to specify in detail what should and should not be initialized for your virtual human.

main idea: you can specify Embodiments and Engines. Each Embodiment offers an interface to display expressions and behaviors: skeleton control for animation, MPEG4 control for a face embodiment,motor control for a robot embodiment, etcetera. An Engine specializes in displaying specific behavior types (e.g., head and hand gestures) on one or more of the Embodiments. In a VirtualHumanSpec file you specify the various embodiments and engines, and connect the embodiments to the right engines.

A somewhat self-explaining example VHSpec file can be found in HmiResource/HmiHumanoidLoaderDefaults/resource/Humanoids/armandia/testvhloader.xml. An example of how to load such a file is in HmiDemo/EnvironmentDemos/src/hmi/environment/examples/

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