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  1. van Welbergen, D. Reidsma, Z.M. Ruttkay and J. Zwiers Elckerlyc - A BML Realizer for continuous, multimodal interaction with a Virtual Human, Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces, 3(4):271-284, ISSN 1783-7677, 2010  download

Getting Started

  • Download -- Obtain the latest releases right now
  • QuickStart -- The fastest way to get a talking avatar on your screen
  • MakeYourOwnProject -- Various ways to start integrating Elckerlyc with your own work
  • Licences? -- Explanation of the GPL3 license used for Elckerlyc, and the plans to move to more flexible licenses


Demos and Gallery



  • ExtendDocumentation? -- Your support in improving the documentation is highly appreciated
  • ReportBugs -- Bugs and feature requests can be reported by making new tickets
  • ShareYourResults? -- Elckerlyc is Open Source; you are very welcome to contribute your extensions and modifications