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AsapRealizer - A BML Realizer for incremental, continuous, multimodal interaction with a Virtual Human

AsapRealizer is a novel realizer, developed as a jointly by the  Sociable Agents group in Bielefeld and the  Human Media Interaction group in Twente. It is a fusion of our state of the art behavior realization engines ACE and Elckerlyc.

Elckerlyc is a BML compliant behavior realizer for generating multimodal verbal and nonverbal behavior for Virtual Humans (VHs). It is designed specifically for continuous (as opposed to turn-based) interaction with tight temporal coordination between the behavior of a VH and its interaction partners. Animation in Elckerlyc is generated using a mix between the precise temporal and spatial control offered by procedural motion and the naturalness of physical simulation.

  1. van Welbergen, D. Reidsma, Z.M. Ruttkay and J. Zwiers Elckerlyc - A BML Realizer for continuous, multimodal interaction with a Virtual Human, Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces, 3(4):271-284, ISSN 1783-7677, 2010  download paper

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Getting Started

  • Download -- Obtain the latest releases right now
  • QuickStart -- The fastest way to get a talking avatar on your screen
  • AsapRealizerDemo from source -- Compiling and running the bleeding edge version of the AsapRealizerDemo
  • MakeYourOwnProject -- Various ways to start integrating AsapRealizer with your own work
  • Licenses -- Explanation of the GPL3 license used for AsapRealizer, and the plans to move to more flexible licenses

Behavior Markup Language

  • BML -- Information about the BML standard in AsapRealizer
  • BMLT -- Documentation for the custom behavior types defined in BML-Twente


  • VirtualHumanSpec -- Specifying, configuring, and loading a Virtual Human and its behavior repertoire
  • RealizerPort -- Connecting AsapRealizer to your application: sending BML to the Virtual Human and receiving feedback about its performance
  •   Javadoc for Elckerlyc
  • UsingResources -- How to refer resources such as avatars and gesture repertoires on the classpath and in your code
  • AssetCreation -- Add new gesture repertoire, new avatar bodies and faces, etc.

Extend AsapRealizer


  • FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions
  • Forum -- Ask questions and help each other in the forums
  • ImproveDocumentation -- Your support in improving the documentation is highly appreciated
  • ReportBugs -- report bugs and request features using tickets
  • Contact -- Contact the main developers