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The Articulated Social Agents Platform

The Articulated Social Agents Platform provides a collection of software modules for social robots and virtual humans jointly developed by the  Sociable Agents group (SOA) in Bielefeld and the  Human Media Interaction group(HMI) in Twente. In addition to a collection of tools, we also provide the means (through middleware, architecture concepts and shared build strategies) to compose virtual human or robot applications in which the tools are embedded.

TODO: short text on architecture concepts, e.g. SAIBA, picture from AAMAS paper?

We currently provide the following components:

  • HmiBuild: The build system jointly developed by HMI and SOA
  • AsapRealizer: A BML Realizer (=behavior generator) for incremental, fluent, multimodal interaction with a virtual human or robot ¶
  • Ipaaca: