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The Articulated Social Agents Platform

The Articulated Social Agents Platform provides a collection of software modules for social robots and virtual humans jointly developed by the  Sociable Agents group (SOA) in Bielefeld and the  Human Media Interaction group(HMI) in Twente. In addition to a collection of tools, we also provide the means (through middleware, architecture concepts and shared build and deployment strategies) to compose virtual human or robot applications in which the tools are embedded.

TODO: short text on architecture concepts, e.g. SAIBA, picture from AAMAS paper?

TODO: (link to) some demo videos and/or applications using our stuff.

Provided components


  • HmiBuild: The build system jointly developed by HMI and SOA
  • Ipaaca: Middleware that implements David Schlangen's Incremental Unit architecture in a distributed fashion (over different computers and programming languages)
  • ContinuousIntegration: Continuous integration and daily builds

Behavior Realization:

Behavior Planning:

  •  Flipper: A simple but powerful library for specifying dialogue rules for dialogue systems, that uses XML-templates to describe the preconditions, effects and BML behaviors of these rules.

Computer Animation and Rendering:



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